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These statistics relate to student accommodation in Derby and the surrounding area that has been advertised on Studentpad

Statistics Overview

Total Properties:


Total Active Adverts:


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Note: Statistics below are based on total adverts and are taken once daily. [Last Update: 16/10/2021 @ 23:54:21].

Area Statistics
Last Update: 16/10/2021 @ 23:54:21

Per Person Per WeekPer Person Per Month
Ashbourne Road£69.00£87.71£115.00£299.00£380.07£498.3327
City Centre£70.00£121.12£145.00£303.33£524.85£628.3321
Duffield Road£90.00£113.75£125.00£390.00£492.92£541.672
Kedleston Road£78.46£87.52£99.00£340.00£379.25£429.006
Uttoxeter New Road£65.00£75.25£89.00£281.67£326.08£385.674
Average Price Including Utilities*
Last Update: 16/10/2021 @ 23:54:21
AreaPer Person Per WeekPer Person Per MonthAdverts
Ashbourne Road£87.71£380.0727
City Centre£121.12£524.8521
Duffield Road£113.75£492.922
Kedleston Road£87.52£379.256
Uttoxeter New Road£75.25£326.084
Average Price Excluding Utilities*
Last Update: 16/10/2021 @ 23:54:21

* Included utilities are gas, electricity and water only.